Telling Her Story Through Music. Meet Singer-Songwriter Cammy Enaharo


Photography by  Rachel Ludwig of Rachel Liz Photography

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do
I'm a singer songwriter from Rochester, currently working three jobs and playing with a few groups besides my own (like Gold Koa and Ben Morey & the Eyes). My name is Camille Tulani Enaharo but I go by Cammy. The nickname stuck in high school. After class my friends sat in the hall and listened to songs I wrote about our peers on the ukulele. The songs were ridiculous but it's how I got started.


What did you want to be when you were a child?
My mom signed me up for swimming lessons at the YMCA as a kid because I loved getting in the water. After swimming for years it just felt like something I was meant to do. It was one of the first things I really enjoyed doing alone. I worked hard on my strokes and speed, but as soon as I was invited to take it seriously with a team I stopped. Sometimes I wonder what I would be like now if I just went for it and joined the swim team. I think I just wanted to be a fish.


Who encouraged you to follow your passion? Name some influential people in your life who have come along beside you.
I'm fortunate to have different people at different points in my life who have encouraged me. My mom and sister are always there when I'm stuck overthinking things and talk me through. The first time I felt a sense of community in music was at an open mic night. A place to come back to each week to try out new songs and connect with like-minded people who were more than willing to give advice. I really needed those people.


They were the ones who pushed me to put music online. After a very positive response to a few original songs streaming on Soundcloud I felt more confident as a songwriter. Ken Hardley from Rolling Hills Radio in Jamestown was crazy supportive and invited me to play on his show multiple times. I was also opening for bands at local venues. During this time I was lucky enough to have support from Preach Freedom, who made it possible for me to record my first EP in Pittsburgh. Since then I've met a lot of amazing musicians like Katie Preston and Ben Morey who have become my closest friends. We have only known each other a few years but they are two of my biggest inspirations and support.


What inspires you?
Close bonds, my Mum, heartbreak, growth, regret and snow.


Talk about your music. What influences it. What's the message behind it?
Important people and events in my life play a huge role when I'm writing. Sometimes it even helps me sort through an insecurity or problem in a relationship. It's a great time to slow down and think about how I actually feel or share something I regret not saying. Expressing it to a room full of attentive people is the most incredible feeling. I listen to a lot of Laura Marling and Little Dragon when I cut cakes at work. I'm influenced by a lot of different music but Regina Spektor is my queen!


What is the most difficult thing about being a musician in Rochester?
Because our scene can feel so close knit I put pressure on myself to try something different. I'm very excited to record a new album with friends Gary Crocker (drums) and Ryder Eaton (bass). We call the project Cammy Enaharo & Dessert!


What do you hope someone walks away from your performance feeling?....
I hope they walk away with whatever they need.


Name some local creatives that you really admire. 

Adrian Elim of Brothahood Productions

Rachel McKibbens poet and owner of The Spirit Room

Sarah Rutherford of Her Voice Carries

Musicians/ Songwriters…. Ana Emily Monaco, Gary Lamaar, Moses Rockwell, Ryder Eaton, Charles Emanuel, Katie Preston, Ben Morey, Mikaela Davis and more.