The Girl Behind The Gang: Meet Sarah Knight


(photos by Meghan Marin)

So many people have asked me how I got the idea to start Roc Girl Gang. It’s pretty simple, who on earth HASN’T wanted to be the leader of a girl gang!? Am I right? It just sounded like a good thing to have on a resume. Actually, when I was starting my own graphic design business years ago, I was looking for something like this. And I couldn’t find it. So I decided it was time to create it myself. I love encouraging others. I love to see talented, hardworking women succeed. I love to see risk and perseverance pay off. I love creating and being a part of something much larger than myself. All this has come together and formed Roc Girl Gang.

I am a graphic designer and have lived in Rochester for about ten years. About six months ago, I made a Rochester Street Sign print and I knew it would be a hit with the local community but I really didn’t have a platform to launch it. I randomly connected with Paige Smith (a tried & true Rochester local who has a gorgeous feed and is now a regular contributor for RGG) and we hosted a giveaway. She was thrilled to do it and we launched the first #rocgirlcollab (but not the last). It was a big hit and it really got me the local exposure I needed (Paige got a free print as a thank you from me- WIN/WIN). Then I got thinking, I want to start something that does this ALL THE TIME for local creatives. I want to give them a platform to show off their work. Better yet, let’s get local photographers on board. Some makers are amazing at their specialty but they aren’t taking good photos of their product. Then they don’t get the exposure and attention they deserve and that’s just sad. So we are connecting photographers & makers and it’s a beautiful thing. They are collaborating and working together and doing some amazing things already.


(killer necklace by Inner Loop Design Co)

Connecting with other creatives is hard, it’s intimidating and it might feel awkward. But what if we just skip over all that. I want Roc Girl Gang to be a place where we encourage each other and say hi and make connections and feature amazing women and collaborate and say “good job” and then hopefully meet in real life at some point. That’s my goal for Roc Girl Gang. So let’s create! Let’s take photos! Let’s collaborate! Let’s encourage! Let’s give stuff away! Let’s just get this thing started for crying out loud! XOXO, Sarah Knight