Throwing Clay with Lynne of Hobaica Ceramics

(photos by Jacalyn Meyvis)

Meet Lynne Hobaica. She is the talented artist behind Hobaica Ceramics. We asked her to introduce herself and tell you a little bit about her process behind her unique and whimsical pottery. Thanks again to Jacalyn Meyvis for the wonderful photos.

Hi I’m Lynne Hobaica. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona somewhere in the middle of six siblings. I went to Syracuse University for undergrad, which is where I discovered ceramics. I transferred there in the middle of my sophomore year which made making friends a little difficult. I ended up taking a wheel throwing course, and from was deeply attracted to the process of working with clay, but also the community. Ceramic artists spend so much of their time thinking about the making and use of pottery which in turn makes meal-time an important and often shared experience. I love that as someone who makes pottery, I can play a part in the important and intimate role of a meal.

Most of the pots I make start on the wheel and from there transform into new and unexpected shapes. Before the clay is completely dry, I paint colorful slips (liquid clays) onto the surface and then carve creatures and patterns into the pot. The creatures I use have evolved over time, reflecting whatever seems to be happening in my life or around me. Each animal is hand drawn, leading to a slightly different expression or mood every time. Ultimately, my hope in making the pots that I make is that they will bring color and playfulness into people’s everyday rituals.