Our Field Trip to Rochester Brainery


Photography by Gabrielle Plucknette // Wreath class by Flowerwell

Have you ever taken a class at Rochester Brainery? We HIGHLY recommend it! They offer fun and informative classes on pretty much anything you can imagine. Each month, they offer more than 40 classes on varied topics, like making custom flower arrangements and cooking homemade pierogies to basic hand lettering and cake decorating. Basically, you name it and they offer it! 

The space at the Brainery is so inviting, everyone was able to spread out and have a true hands-on creative experience. The wreath making workshop was incredibly rich. It was amazing to watch each wreath take on it’s own personality as the class progressed.
— Gabrielle Plucknette, photographer

Rochester Brainery is a community classroom and event space located in Rochester’s Neighborhood of the Arts. They offer classes from local authors, actors, artists, chefs, graphic designers, beer-brewers (and more!) who share their smarts in single-session, affordable classes. This means no long-term commitment on your end, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money since most of their classes are $30 or less.


We are thrilled to be partnering with Rochester Brainery as our Becoming Boss No. 8 sponsors. They invited us to one of their dried wreath workshops with Jenny Rae Siplo of Flowerwell and we had a blast! Many thanks to our photographer Gabrielle Plucknette for capturing this workshop perfectly with these gorgeous photos. So take a look at what it's like to take a class at the Brainery... and then sign up for one, you won't be disappointed!

Teaching at the Brainery is a highlight of my growing season. There aren’t many opportunities in our adult lives to take a break and learn something for fun, let alone do something with your hands! Students come to class looking to try something new and walk away from class laughing and saying they are coming back the next chance they get! In my opinion, one of the most beautiful things about the Brainery (besides the Green Room obviously) is that it is a learning space for everyone, no matter age or gender. In Rochester, we are SO lucky to have the Brainery and the brains behind it!
— Jenny Rae Siplo, owner of Flowerwell