Roc Girl Gang: Year Two

Photography by Rachel Ludwig of Rachel Liz Photography

I think there would be world peace if forty-inch rose gold balloons were a daily thing. You can’t help but be in a good mood and break out in a goofy old grin. But I’m already grinning because Roc Girl Gang has been around for TWO YEARS!!!! I still remember making the Tumblr account and emailing the first list of women that I wanted to feature. I had to do some deep breathing exercises before hitting the “send” button. This project already meant so much to me and I was nervous that I wouldn’t get a response. But to my surprise (and relief) I had several months of interviews planned within a week. The idea of Roc Girl Gang came to me during a middle-of-the-night feeding with my then nocturnal baby (he’s now three and sleeps like a champ). I had been thinking for several months that we needed something like this in Rochester but I didn’t have a clear vision of what it would look like. And then, just like that, I had a vision for it... it was at 3 am but that didn’t matter. By the time my little family woke up, I had already designed a logo, picked out the blush/pink pantone and purchased a domain name. Roc Girl Gang was born in a couple rare hours of post-postpartum clarity.


I struggled a lot at first (and still do) with self doubt. You can ask my husband, a couple days before any big event, he usually has to talk me down off a ledge. I am EXCELLENT at getting in my own head and convincing myself that I have absolutely nothing to offer the world and I should go to Tibet and live in a cave and everyone would be better off (I'm not dramatic AT ALL). I try my best to not listen to these doubts but sometimes they get the best of me and I become the worst version of myself. I try to be transparent about these feelings because everyone is convinced that they are the only flawed human on the planet and everyone else’s life is as perfect as their Instagram feed would lead you to believe. This is simply not true. All lies actually. What I’ve realized as I’ve spoken with other women, is that most of us feel this way. Women who I think are SO AMAZING and SO TALENTED and SO WONDERFUL feel like they’re failing at everything. Why do we do this to ourselves? We certainly aren’t perfect but we’re doing our very best. We’re in this together and we’re doing the thing. Please be kind to yourself. Try to see yourself as others who love you see you, they think you're pretty great and so do I. 

It’s been a privilege to meet SO MANY of you amazing women these past two years. Can you believe we’ve featured over 100 of you on the blog (and hundreds more on Instagram)? Again, the highlight of this year has been the Becoming Boss events... they’ve definitely taken on a life of their own, selling out in a couple hours and sometimes 45 minutes (again, insert deep breathing exercises). But it just helps confirm to me how needed something like this is. You need it and so do I. The real life meet up, learning from other women, connection, mentorship and community (and donuts) -- it’s important and nothing will ever take its place.

Again, thank you for following along.  Many women ask how they can "join" or "be a member" and the honest answer is, if you are reading this right now, you already are. No secret handshake needed. You are a Roc Girl. And we're just getting started.
Sarah Knight

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