Becoming Boss (No. 3) Recap

Photography by Cris Van Grol // Recap by Melissa Bailey of Hungry Food Love

Becoming Boss (No. 3) was held this past Saturday among 150+ talented local women. Once you walked by the breathtaking yarn and Spanish moss-draped welcome sign by Hannah Betts of Lives Styled, the friendly atmosphere instantly greeted you with a room full of girl bosses. Yes, by showing up we were already taking a boss step toward commanding our lives and manifesting our desires. And we were not showing up just for the mimosas, it was clear we all had an intention and we were serious about it. The conversations reflected just that, a common interest in becoming boss and the speakers lineup could not have been more perfect to fill us with the inspiration we were all seeking.

After mingling amidst donuts by Boxcar, coffee by Javas, mimosas and brunch bites by Good Luck, we then started the program with very refreshing and encouraging words of wisdom from our gang leader Sarah Knight. Her story really touched me. It was brief but captivating in its message, she talked about why she created Roc Girl Gang, and like many great things in life, it came out of a need, something she believed was missing and that she then went out of her way to make happen. Sarah recounted her own process and how extinguishing our personal negative thoughts and taking that step further to create exactly what we envision is crucial.

Sarah then introduced Tanvi Asher of Shop Peppermint for her keynote presentation and the connection between the two of them is testimony to what Roc Girl Gang is building. Sarah talked about their friendship and how she has gone to Tanvi for business advice. Fitting, because reaching out for help and getting the right advice from the right people was a prevalent thought shared throughout the day.

Tanvi won everyone’s attention with wit and realness. Her honesty and stories of the not so glamorous moments in her journey were so relatable and showed us that perseverance, passion, and conviction are key.

The rest of our time together consisted of two panel sessions and a photography mini-workshop. The panel was formed by local women including Tanvi Asher of Shop Peppermint (keynote speaker), Cara Livermore of Chickpea Magazine, Erika Sorbello of Gallery Salon, and Jenny Rae Siplo of Flowerwell. They talked about their path to becoming boss, how they got started, what inspires them, how to stay relevant, plus lots more personal and business advice for aspiring bosses.

While it was mentioned that there will be many times where we will learn by doing, the below lessons from the panelists experience aimed to shed light into our own paths.

  1. Don’t do it unless you mean it. Believe in your passion.
  2. Have a business plan, there are many free online and local resources to help with this.

  3. Maintain strong relationships with your community, family and peers. Be kind to others.

  4. Don’t let the biggest obstacle be yourself.

  5. Get to know your audience, engage with your customers.

  6. Take time to research your industry. Planning pays-off.

  7. Don’t try to do everything right away, give yourself time and if possible focus on a niche.

  8. Avoid the comparison game. Be confident, you offer a different perspective.

  9. Take time for yourself. Find your happiness.

  10. Reach out for help, from your team, other business experts, and advisors.

The photography workshop led by Cara Livermore of Chickpea Magazine, consisted of very helpful styling and lighting tips to improve our photos. Here is a quick rundown through her guide:

What not to do:

  • Quick snapshots

  • Over-the-top angles

  • Overhead non-daylight lighting

  • No composition

What to do:

  • Window/diffused natural light

  • Breathing room in your layout

  • Crisp, clear and focused images

  • Edits that enhance the photo

  • Angle in line with the horizon

She also shared a few Instagram tips which seems to be the social media platform of choice for most of the panelists. When it comes to Instagram Cara suggests to:

  • Focus on what you like

  • Plan out your content

  • Don’t worry about the copycats

  • Post multiple times a day every day to increase reach

  • VSCO, A Color Story, Planoly, Buffer, IFTTT are helpful photo editing and social media planning apps to use

If you would like to learn more from Cara, she is teaching photography classes at Rochester Brainery.

I have to say that the time spent with this infectious circle of women invigorated me and gave me a new level of energy. At Becoming Boss (No. 3) I was able to learn, to connect, enjoy myself, and leave very inspired. If you were there or got inspiration from this recap, let’s take it all in and keep that flame and motivation going. Get out of your comfort zone, make connections, collaborate, ask for help, be generous, work hard for what you dream, and support your local girl gang. Remember that we rise by lifting others! Stay in touch and don’t miss the next Becoming Boss (No. 4) this September.

Thanks again to   Melissa Bailey   of  Hungry Food Love   for  the wonderful write up!

Thanks again to Melissa Bailey of Hungry Food Love for the wonderful write up!