Roc Girls to Know: Meet Emily Hessney of I Heart ROC

Tell us your name, age and what you do.
Emily Hessney, 26. Editor & Social Media Coordinator for I Heart ROC.

Give usa little of your history.
I grew up in the suburbs (Pittsford, to be exact). I went to University of Rochester for both my undergrad and master's degree and stuck around after graduation. I wound up in the financial aid office helping students afford the cost of a Rochester education, and recently moved to High Tech Rochester to run their marketing and communications.

Tell us more about what you do.
 I Heart ROC is a project that strives to showcase what Rochesterians love about their city. We've interviewed over 70 Rochesterians since the website was created back in the fall of 2015! I was interviewed in March 2016, and you can find that interview right HERE. I love meeting up with Rochesterians IRL over coffee or drinks to learn all about the causes they're passionate about, the communities they're a part of, and their favorite places to go and things to do. I always end up with a new place or activity on my list of things to try!

What are your favorite things about Rochester?
There's so much to love! It's hard to narrow it down. The community here is particularly amazing. Every day, people are hustling to make this city a better place. When I go out to do I Heart ROC interviews, people are super friendly and are always eager to connect you with other interesting folks. I'm constantly meeting new people in an ever-expanding web of enthusiastic Rochesterians- it's awesome! Plus, we have fantastic food, a great arts scene, and easy access to tons of beautiful parks. What more could you want?