Roc Girls to Know: Meet Visual Artist Megan Armstrong Scheffer

Tell us your name, age and what you do.
Megan Armstrong Scheffer, 28, Visual Artist

Give us a little of your history.
I grew up in Boulder, Colorado, and Madison, Wisconsin. I earned an MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2015 and a BFA in Studio Art and Psychology from Beloit College.

Tell us more about what you do.
I am a visual artist working in drawing, sculpture, and installation. My work investigates and translates definitions of normalcy and mental health into abstracted line drawings and conceptual works of art. 

As an artist I am interested in collaboration and curation. With these ideas in mind I launched Hyperkultermia Gallery in 2016, an experimental contemporary space that features the work of emerging artists.

What are some of your favorite things about Rochester?
One of my favorite things about Rochester is the welcoming and talented arts community that is constantly changing and growing. I have been here less than a year and already know so many creative and passionate individuals.