Roc Girls to Know: Meet Graphic Designer Devry Drosky

Tell us your name, age & what you do.
Devry Drosky, age 25. I'm the co-founder of Hey, Porter, a design studio in downtown Rochester.

Give us a a little of your history.
I grew up in Saratoga Springs, NY and I graduated from Syracuse University in 2013 with a BFA in Communication Design. 

Tell us more about what you do.
I'm one half of the design studio, Hey, Porter. Our studio houses a range of disciplines, from tangible products, such as furniture and objects (expanding to interior and environmental design), to intangible design, such as art direction, concept development, and brand creation, to name a few. I'm responsible for the graphic design based work. I love working with clients to visualize their ideas, whether it's creating a logo, website, or print's very rewarding to create beautiful and meaningful work. I think design is essential to living.

I think design is essential to living.
— Devry Drosky

What are your favorite things about Rochester?
I love how much potential Rochester has, it's really an exciting time to be part of this growing city. Our goal at Hey, Porter is to help shape the community with our design perspective.