Making Terrariums with Prismatic Gardens

Photography by Jessica Campbell of Jessica Campbell Visual Media

Photographer Jessica Campbell and Sigriet Ferrer, owner of Prismatic Gardens collaborated on a process shoot and we're happy to share it with you today. We asked Sigriet to introduce herself and take us through the terrarium making process and here is what she had to say....

Hi, my name is Sigriet Ferrer, I’m the owner, designer, and maker behind Prismatic Gardens. I’m a Medical Research Librarian by trade (academic background in Library and Information Science).

As an individual, I aspire to surround myself with beauty in all forms, and ultimately share that vision with others. The Swiss psychologist Carl G. Jung defines nature as “the nourishing soil of the soul”. My goal is to connect other individuals with the natural world by creating botanical curiosities and sharing it with them. By uniting minerals, fossils, florals, plants, curiosities, and found objects among other things into a botanical piece, I aim to tell a personal story within the elements it contains. And I'm happy to share with you a little more about our step-by-step process of terrarium making:

1. We choose our glass vessel and set it aside.

2. We looked around at studio inventory and gathered a variety of materials, including mosses, sand, gravel, wooden slices, florals, minerals, etc. It’s helpful to gather a variety of materials you’d like to use initially and set them aside, that way you don’t have to interrupt the terrarium making process and just have all the elements accessible to you within your reach.

3. We picked out our air plant/tillandsia.

4. We then proceeded to building our terrarium! It’s helpful to layer down the heaviest materials of the terrarium first, and then add the smaller materials. We poured the sand or gravel into our glass vessel to start.

5. We then added a variety of different mosses and filled in the remainder of our glass vessel with crystals, stones, flowers, and other natural elements.

6. Last, but not least, we added the finishing touch to out terrarium by popping in our air plant/tillandsia into our glass vessel. And that completes our terrarium!