Roc Girls to Know. Meet Meghan McNamara Mundy of Fashion Week of Rochester


Tell us your name, age and what you do.
I am Meghan McNamara Mundy, founder of Fashion Week of Rochester. I am 54 years old (or young depending on how you look at it). My job description for Fashion Week is everything from the glam of the actual fashion to the simple task of taking out the trash in the office. I am a stylist by trade but have been producing Fashion Week of Rochester for the past 8 years.


Give us a little of your history.
I grew up in Summit, New Jersey. I was a childhood actress and spent much of my young life going in to NYC for auditions for commercials and movies. This was a great experience for me as I was a pretty shy kid and it helped me come out of my shell. I had that All-American look, which was helpful in getting me a lot of commercials. I went to Summit High School and then to Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.


Tell us more about what you do for Fashion Week.
I do whatever needs to be done. I search for locations for our shows, think about how I am going top the previous year and brainstorm ways to include the Rochester community in a way that I haven't done in previous years. I find interesting designers to be on the runway, I assist in all styling of shows, select music for the shows and work with Hank Parker Tents and the crew on the tent site. I also design the floor plan and seating charts. You name it and I will do it.


What are your favorite things about Rochester and Fashion Week?
I have so many favorite things... definitely the excitement that builds up to Fashion Week all year long. How it brings the community together for 5 nights of great fashion with 5 different vibes. Creating a Fashion Week family that I get to see every year during the shows. Going to the fire houses to do firefighter casting calls, I love having the firefighters on the runway! Seeing my husband and daughters in the audience having a blast. Getting to know so many amazing, talented and generous people year after year. It amazes me how many amazing people live in this community, I am so very proud to live here in Rochester.  

Partnering with The Center for Youth and learning how the funds from Fashion week help out Youth in need, it's all very rewarding.


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