Roc Girls to Know: Meet the Ladies of The Adorned Studio

Meet Brittany, Amber and Marisa of The Adorned Studios. The Adorned Studios came to life in March of 2016 as the partner project of local jewelry designers, Marisa Krol (Interstellar Love Craft) and Amber Dutcher (Inner Loop Design Co) and serves as home to the two artists studios as well as their newest resident: designer, Brittany Rea.

The Adorned resides inside of Second Chic Boutique, a contemporary and vintage clothing consignment shop in the South Wedge neighborhood. The Adorned Studios offers classes, parties, studio space, and professional residencies with a focus on first hand experience in living and working as an independent jewelry designer.

Meet Marisa Krol

Marisa Krol is the co-founder of The Adorned Studios, where she keeps studio space to create her successful line, Interstellar Love Craft. ILC was born in 2010 of a desire to give and live through creative expression and freedom. Marisa was introduced to metal craft by local jewelry metalsmith, Sharon Jeter to whom she assisted early on in her career. 

Believing that we all have the power to lead the life we choose, growing with intention, Marisa sees the Adorned Studios as the manifestation of the next frontier of her path. Sampling from what she has learned in her 6 years of experience in making and designing jewelry, she hopes to offer classes that are enriching, explorative, and fun. Marisa believes she owes much of her working success to the loving support the Rochester community has shown her throughout the years. She is looking forward to sharing some of what she has collected along the way in the educational sphere through instruction here at Adorned.

Meet Amber Dutcher

Amber Dutcher is the owner and designer of Inner Loop Design Co. She studied jewelry and metal smithing at Nazareth College where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Through her experiences, she finds inspiration in the urban world around her often combining the juxtaposition of beauty and order with that of violence and chaos. 

Upon graduating, Amber was hired as head of the casting department at Richards & West in Rochester, NY where she was able to further hone her skill in jewelry and metal casting. She worked with this company for five years, where she strengthen her understanding of the casting process and became a master of her craft.

Meet Brittany ReA

Brittany Rea creates one-of-a-kind mixed material jewelry. Her unique style is eye-catching in its simplicity, with a modern approach to traditional materials. Using jewelry as the invitation, Brittany extends the deeper meaning behind her work to the wearer. A reminder to the adorned to allow inherent beauty to be known and shown.

Brittany studied sculpture/ceramics at Alfred University and recently completed a residency at Sonoma Ceramics in Sonoma, CA, and is currently the newest resident of the Adorned Studios, located in Rochester, NY.