Becoming Boss (No. 1) Recap

Photography by Jessica Campbell // Written by Sydney Bell

As soon as I saw the Roc Girl Gang post about their new series, Becoming Boss, I bought my ticket. All we knew was who was going to be on the panel, and that was enough to get this event sold out in less than 24 hours. Obviously this is exactly what our community of boss babes was looking for.

Throughout the morning, what spoke volumes was the trust Danielle Raymo (Rochester Brainery), Andrea Durfee (Dre Sketchbook/Louelle Studio), Hannah Betts (Lives Styled), Stacy Ercan (Stacky K Floral) and Tanvi Asher (Shop Peppermint) had to share their truth with a room full of eager onlookers. Each woman spoke to us from a different experience, but the common thread was at some point they were all burnt out (building the business is a full time job, in addition to their 9-5), they were all scared (launching their dream takes guts!) and they all still wanted to push forward with their passions. It gave the audience life in a way where you could feel the energy, and the want to go out and get going.

I appreciated what they shared about the not-so-sexy side of business ownership - figuring out the finances. All of the panelists spoke candidly about the resources they used to get started, and that all are available right in town. They covered where to go for financial literacy help, small business guidance and touched on the power of a trusted accountant. As someone who struggles with numbers, it was great to have names of people out there who not only like numbers, but are ready and willing to help.

I have to say, the part that gave me actual chills was hearing about their relationships with eachother and with other women in their lives. Through tears and excited expressions, they talked about their support for one another, check-ins when days were bad and that showing up for people when they need you never goes unnoticed. I even got a little choked up thinking about the women who inspire and support me every day.

In two hours, 50+ women heard that while navigating a growing business might not be easy (an understatement), it is more than possible with an honest, strong and ever-encouraging support system, either through actions or with their voices, saying: YOU CAN DO THIS! So, let’s go out there and do it!

- Sydney Bell

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Special thanks to our speakers:   Andrea Durfee  ,   Hannah Betts  ,   Danielle Raymo  ,   Tanvi Asher   &   Stacy Ercan

Special thanks to our lovely speakers: Andrea DurfeeHannah BettsDanielle RaymoTanvi Asher & Stacy Ercan