Roc Girls to Know: Meet The January Residents Of The Yards

Photography by Jacalyn Meyvis of Jacalyn Meyvis Photography


Sarah is an abstract artist and recent Fredonia graduate who majored in Animation & Illustration. She usually uses oil paints and acrylics but has been "branching out" (quite literally) with willow vines and spray paint. She told us she loves being in the residency for the feedback and camaraderie among the other artists. 



Emily grew up in the Maplewood neighborhood and graduated with a degree in Geology from the University of Buffalo. She using this residency to experiment with gauche and geometric shapes. She told us the residency is giving her a much needed space to pursue her art.



Rose went to college, majored in Biology and recently rediscovered her love to create and make art. The Yards residency is giving her an opportunity to find her voice. She has been exploring different ways of making paint with natural elements like beets and loves collaborating with the other residents.



Rachel is a studio artist at The Yards and is also participating in this residency. She grew up in Gates and went to college at Pratt and then Brockport, majoring in Painting. She is a lover of plants and nature and has been exploring the disconnect between humanity and spirtuality. She loves collaborating with her fellow residents and has found that they have similar ties to nature in their art.