Smelling the Roses with Stacy K Ercan of Stacy K Floral

Photograph by   Hannah Folkers ,  see her portfolio     HERE

Photograph by Hannah Folkers, see her portfolio HERE

Tell us a little about yourself & and what you do.
I'm Stacy K Ercan, owner of Stacy K Floral.  We specialize in wedding and events but also offer daily floral delivery throughout Rochester and surrounding areas. Our new studio space is filled with home decor, everlasting pieces, accessories, art, honey, plants and much more. 

What are you passionate about? What makes you tick?
Floral design & design in general. I love arranging flowers but also the effect they have on people, how they can light up someones day. The flowers touch peoples lives and create a memorable moment. The design feeds my creative soul form looking at a space and creating a design that transforms it for just one day to adding the finishing touches on interior styling with decor and botanical elements. 

How did you get started? What were some of the difficulties you faced in starting?
I took a career placement exam in high school and it suggested floriculture and small business management. That sounded like a great skill to learn while I figured out what I “really” wanted to do for a career. Well that was almost 20 years ago. My biggest difficulties with starting was myself, my insecurities, my fears, I was really the only thing ever getting in my own way.  Thankfully I have a really wonderful support system that encouraged and pushed me until I gained the confidence to really take this dream somewhere. 

What is your biggest regret?
Probably really cliche but I don’t really have one.  Ever step of this journey has led to another, I am so grateful to have found what I love to do so early on in life and that this community lets me share what I love to do with them each and every day.  Every set back taught me something and placed a building block for the next move. 

What is your best advice to someone just starting out? What advice do you wish someone had said to you?
My father was an entrepreneur and he had always told me in everything I did to stay humble, kind, and grateful. Never take things for granted or be to confident, that’s when you will make mistakes. These are words I try to live by every day, if I stay positive and love what I do the rest just falls in to place. As far as advise I wish someone had given to me, In the artistic world you can’t worry about what the people around you are doing you will cloud your one path. You can give several people the same artistic materials and they will all create different works. Just be you and don’t be afraid of that. 

Lettering by   Kelly Place

Lettering by Kelly Place

What inspires you? How do you recharge creatively?
All sorts of things inspire me.... the way a flower curves, a walk through the woods and seeing a bed of ferns growing in a magical way, a new product line, and rose gold never lets me down :-) Really everything around me inspires me, patterns, colors, textures it would be overwhelming for some to spend a day in my head.   As far as recharging traveling always helps me recharge a trip to a new city, exploring new things, new areas, unique architecture, a good trip always lights my fire again.   

What is your favorite part of what you do?
All of it, I love that work is so different from day to day, creating unique sympathy blooms to comfort a loss, designing wedding blossoms that compliment the wedding clients vision, making that perfect everlasting piece for a clients home or office,  planting container gardens that make a typical backyard feel transformed into a planted oasis . ll of it keeps me using my creative tools in different ways.  I love the diversity of my job, and of course the flowers.....I get to work with flowers every single day. 

Name some local creatives/small business owners that you really admire.
Joan Lincoln of Panache has been a friend and mentor for several years. She has created a great brand and companies with a very loyal following. Her tenacity and drive are very admirable. 

Tanvi Asher of Shop Peppermint. This #girlboss has spunk and drive. Her ability, eye, and support of the Rochester community keep her growing by leaps and bounds. Being neighbors on Park ave for several years I got to know Tanvi and her confidence is contagious. 

Jen Schwab is an interior design genius. She not only is a master in her own craft but combined with her husbands master carpentry skills has built a brand that supports them both. The husband and wife duo is remodeling from Rochester to the fingerlakes creating home interiors that are unique and timeless. They are a wonderful team and the designs they create together are so inspiring.